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Positive Eating Tips for BUSY people.

Five short but sensible eating tips for busy people… that’s all of us, right?


I best make these TIPS quick and simple for all you BUSY, HARD WORKING people. Hopefully this advice will help you with organisation of your meals each day, more energy for you to get through the day and even drop a few pounds just with a few tweeks..

1, Avoid eating late. Try to avoid eating late, after about 8pm, our metabolism slows down at night, thats when special things take place in the bed at night. Our likes to repair itself, detoxifying takes place but also weightloss happens in our sleep as well. Thats why its also good to get quality sleep.

2, Overeating. Its so easy to over eat, our busy lives and busy work life, constantly checking emails, talking to friends whilst eating as well. While your eatin SLOW DOWN and think, mindful eating will boost your health and stop them extra few pounds going on. Even…

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When it is too good to be true: Zero calorie foods

As the saying goes, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is… especially if it tastes like chocolate.”

PH Healthy Life

On our usual stroll through the grocery store something wonderful in the health foods/supplement aisle caught Preston’s eye. It claimed to be a zero-calorie, all of my dreams coming true, chocolate peanut spread (basically zero calorie Nutella..ish). Quickly we snatched it off of the shelf to look at the nutrition label; there was no way this could be zero calories! But there it was: Serving size 2 tbsp, calories – 0. Upon further examination the two main ingredients were purified water and vegetable fiber, both of which are zero calories. Everything seemed to check out. We couldn’t wait to get home to try it. This could be a game changer in my diet; I was already planning to put it on everything I ate.

IMG_1758I wanted to crack it open in the car, but Preston convinced me to hang on until we got home. By the time we pulled into…

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Everyone could use a little more sleep

Three reasons to get more sleep… while drinking less tea. A tough one for me.

PH Healthy Life

Needing your beauty sleep is more than an excuse to lounge in bed; upping your zzz’s really does help with weight-loss and management! Sleep is crucial in maintaining a healthy life because of the brain activity, hormone regulation, and physical recovery that occurs while you are snoozing. Go ahead and set that alarm back for a healthier, happier you!

If you consider evolution’s impact on our ancestors’ metabolism the role of sleep becomes more clear. In times of excess people of the past could spend more time sleeping (because they didn’t need to hunt, forage, stress about staying alive), but when food was scarce they would need to spend less time sleeping and more time looking for food in order to survive. In short, the human body adapted to be more efficient (burn less calories) to compensate for the extended hunting and activity time.  Now when we get less sleep…

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Twelve healthy eating myths shattered…


Do you believe in everything that you hear? Do you really think what our elders say is always true? Have you ever confirmed their myths to be true in real sense?

Everyday you might get some nutritional advice from your family, friends, relatives, or media. But are those advices relevant? Or maybe they are just passed from someone to you without any context to it. In my experience, you should be critical of all the information and research the topic if you really want to get to the truth.

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Size Matters

Size matters… as they say. And it does when it comes to sensible eating. An interesting article with eight tips from ‘About That Fit Mom Life’.

About That Fit Mom Life

Now that I’ve got your attention, I’d like to take a few minutes to discuss something everyone loves to talk about… Portion control.

Portion Distortion

Over eating and portion control is an issue for so many of us. Today we’re served enormous portions at restaurants in comparison to the portions Americans received just a few decades ago.

PortionDistortionNearly every fast food joint around provides an option to “go large” for just a few cents more, couple this with the fact that most consumers are trying to find the best value for their money, it only makes sense to indulge. The problem is unless you’re splitting that meal with someone, you’re doing your body a disservice by loading up on extra fat and calories.

Size really does matter, when it comes to good eating habits, we need to be aware of proper portion sizes and familiarize ourselves with food labels so we know a true serving size.

Here’s a list of…

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10 ways to stay fit while working

10 ways to stay fit while working

PH Healthy Life

 Work. It takes up 40 hours of the week, leaves us drained, and creates an environment that can be a nightmare for your fitness goals. Even though it may seem like an impenetrable barrier at times, there are many ways that you can reach goals despite the obstacles that the 9-5  might place in your way. 

woman-hand-smartphone-deskI started an internship this summer that goes 8:30 to 6pm four days a week. The adjustment of working from home as a graduate teaching assistant to this was steep. I can’t hit the gym for an hour every day. I can’t stock food in my fridge to eat my leisure. I can’t put anything off for later in the day. But two weeks have passed, and I feel like I found my groove. Here are 10 ideas to stay fit while you work.

1. Pack your lunch

Eating out is one of the…

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Can chocolate be a tasty health supplement?

Researching would be a great excuse to buy a bar of Galaxy…


The more scientists look into chocolate, the more fascinating discoveries they make. Can our health and mood really benefit from chocolate? Can chocolate affect physical beauty and well being?  Researchers have recently concluded that it can do a lot more.
Chocolate improves the blood flow to the brain which results in increased mental strength, agility and physical comfort. People who eat chocolate at least twice a day have improved attention, increased memorization capacity, and quick reactions.
Cocoa has the ability to improve blood circulation. A more recent research reveals that women who enjoyed chocolate every day for a period of three months had moister, softer and overall healthier-looking skin. The polyphenols contained in dark chocolatecan slow down and even reverse the processes of aging.
The regular consumption of dark chocolate protects against heart diseases. R

Read more http://calculators.today/can-chocolate-be-a-tasty-health-supplement/

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