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13 Worst “Health” Foods

Interesting article

Healthy lunch ideas for the corporate worker

Some great lunch ideas

fitalian kitchen

Because is that tiny Tupperware container of straight Spinach really cutting it? I couldn’t help but notice an abnormal amount of “salads” in the office fridge last month. If that cup of lettuce with nothing added to it is really cutting it for you and you are truly satisfied then props to you but I am going to bet my money that you have been spending your afternoons unsatisfied and hangry. Getting back on track for the new year doesn’t have to involve packing miserable salads every day for lunch. In fact, there are a lot of healthy and easy to pack lunches that won’t leave you day dreaming about having a second lunch at 12:05pm. I’ve decided to share 5 of my favorite healthy lunch ideas below:

1. Low carb sandwiches


I am a huge advocate for sandwiches or wraps! Unfortunately the majority of restaurants use higher carb breads…

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Healthy Snacks

For people who love snacks!

Cultivate Wellness


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Getting fit in 2017

Some good exercise videos!

Chez Lorraine

One of the most popular new year’s resolutions is getting healthy. This is further defined by the other resolutions such as: quitting smoking and losing weight. I myself stopped making new year’s resolutions years ago but I want to share some tips to those who want to get fit in 2017.

2,5 years ago I switched from running to fitness because I wanted to tone up my muscles. I am a member of a gym nearby my office. If one day I miss it, I do the exercises at home. These are three YouTube channels I use when exercising at home.


If you are a beginner and have never exercised before, this 30 minutes power walk for beginner from Jessica Smith might be something for you. The exercises are easy, you only need to walk with some movement as variations in between the intervals. I follow Jessica’s power walk training for cardio. Especially…

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How to Stay Healthy During the Winter Months and Beyond

Got to keep healthy!

New England Nutrition Advisors

A large portion of diseases are directly related to lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. Changing your diet and behaviors can decrease your risk of illness and possibly even stop that cold in its tracks!

antioxidantsChoose Antioxidants: Antioxidants are powerful substances that significantly decrease the negative effects of free radicals (the stuff that makes us sick) on our body. Vitamins C, E, beta-carotene and selenium all act as antioxidants in our body. The graphic I included (over there –>) shows where to find these in your diet.

Consume More Plant-Based Foods: Plant based foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains and beans contain less fat, more fiber, and more antioxidants than animal based foods. Aim for a plate that is at least 3/4 plant-based foods and 1/4 animal products.

Bulk up on Fiber: Fiber is the part of plants that our body cannot digest…

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What is the ketogenic diet? 


Danielle Pashko Reveals 8 Ways to Improve Your Diet

A lot of common sense…

Professional Quality Fitness Equipment at DynaPro®

Danielle Pashko reveals 8 small diet changes for improved healthWhen it comes to your overall health, eating right is just as important as working out. Stay on top of your diet so you can feel your best and get the results you deserve.

If you’re working hard to stay physically fit, you need to prioritize getting your diet right. Think about it: You spend hours lifting weights, sweating it out during cardio sessions, and plenty of time pumping up with DynaPro resistance bands — so why would you eat in a way that could slow down your progress? You’re working way too hard to lose your steam over a bunch of bad food choices! Take a cue from Nutritionist, Danielle Pashko of PashkoWellness.com. In an exclusive interview with DynaPro, she shares her best tips:

DynaPro Direct: Why is nutrition so important when it comes to being fit and healthy?

Danielle Pashko: What you feed yourself is probably the…

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Positive Eating Tips for BUSY people.

Five short but sensible eating tips for busy people… that’s all of us, right?


I best make these TIPS quick and simple for all you BUSY, HARD WORKING people. Hopefully this advice will help you with organisation of your meals each day, more energy for you to get through the day and even drop a few pounds just with a few tweeks..

1, Avoid eating late. Try to avoid eating late, after about 8pm, our metabolism slows down at night, thats when special things take place in the bed at night. Our likes to repair itself, detoxifying takes place but also weightloss happens in our sleep as well. Thats why its also good to get quality sleep.

2, Overeating. Its so easy to over eat, our busy lives and busy work life, constantly checking emails, talking to friends whilst eating as well. While your eatin SLOW DOWN and think, mindful eating will boost your health and stop them extra few pounds going on. Even…

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When it is too good to be true: Zero calorie foods

As the saying goes, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is… especially if it tastes like chocolate.”

PH Healthy Life

On our usual stroll through the grocery store something wonderful in the health foods/supplement aisle caught Preston’s eye. It claimed to be a zero-calorie, all of my dreams coming true, chocolate peanut spread (basically zero calorie Nutella..ish). Quickly we snatched it off of the shelf to look at the nutrition label; there was no way this could be zero calories! But there it was: Serving size 2 tbsp, calories – 0. Upon further examination the two main ingredients were purified water and vegetable fiber, both of which are zero calories. Everything seemed to check out. We couldn’t wait to get home to try it. This could be a game changer in my diet; I was already planning to put it on everything I ate.

IMG_1758I wanted to crack it open in the car, but Preston convinced me to hang on until we got home. By the time we pulled into…

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Everyone could use a little more sleep

Three reasons to get more sleep… while drinking less tea. A tough one for me.

PH Healthy Life

Needing your beauty sleep is more than an excuse to lounge in bed; upping your zzz’s really does help with weight-loss and management! Sleep is crucial in maintaining a healthy life because of the brain activity, hormone regulation, and physical recovery that occurs while you are snoozing. Go ahead and set that alarm back for a healthier, happier you!

If you consider evolution’s impact on our ancestors’ metabolism the role of sleep becomes more clear. In times of excess people of the past could spend more time sleeping (because they didn’t need to hunt, forage, stress about staying alive), but when food was scarce they would need to spend less time sleeping and more time looking for food in order to survive. In short, the human body adapted to be more efficient (burn less calories) to compensate for the extended hunting and activity time.  Now when we get less sleep…

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