Jane Wenham-Jones presents…

Five short but sensible eating tips for busy people… that’s all of us, right?


I best make these TIPS quick and simple for all you BUSY, HARD WORKING people. Hopefully this advice will help you with organisation of your meals each day, more energy for you to get through the day and even drop a few pounds just with a few tweeks..

1, Avoid eating late. Try to avoid eating late, after about 8pm, our metabolism slows down at night, thats when special things take place in the bed at night. Our likes to repair itself, detoxifying takes place but also weightloss happens in our sleep as well. Thats why its also good to get quality sleep.

2, Overeating. Its so easy to over eat, our busy lives and busy work life, constantly checking emails, talking to friends whilst eating as well. While your eatin SLOW DOWN and think, mindful eating will boost your health and stop them extra few pounds going on. Even…

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