Jane Wenham-Jones presents…

Three reasons to get more sleep… while drinking less tea. A tough one for me.

PH Healthy Life

Needing your beauty sleep is more than an excuse to lounge in bed; upping your zzz’s really does help with weight-loss and management! Sleep is crucial in maintaining a healthy life because of the brain activity, hormone regulation, and physical recovery that occurs while you are snoozing. Go ahead and set that alarm back for a healthier, happier you!

If you consider evolution’s impact on our ancestors’ metabolism the role of sleep becomes more clear. In times of excess people of the past could spend more time sleeping (because they didn’t need to hunt, forage, stress about staying alive), but when food was scarce they would need to spend less time sleeping and more time looking for food in order to survive. In short, the human body adapted to be more efficient (burn less calories) to compensate for the extended hunting and activity time.  Now when we get less sleep…

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