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10 ways to stay fit while working

PH Healthy Life

 Work. It takes up 40 hours of the week, leaves us drained, and creates an environment that can be a nightmare for your fitness goals. Even though it may seem like an impenetrable barrier at times, there are many ways that you can reach goals despite the obstacles that the 9-5  might place in your way. 

woman-hand-smartphone-deskI started an internship this summer that goes 8:30 to 6pm four days a week. The adjustment of working from home as a graduate teaching assistant to this was steep. I can’t hit the gym for an hour every day. I can’t stock food in my fridge to eat my leisure. I can’t put anything off for later in the day. But two weeks have passed, and I feel like I found my groove. Here are 10 ideas to stay fit while you work.

1. Pack your lunch

Eating out is one of the…

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