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Jane Michell

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Hello everyone,

This week I spotted a great article in Women’s Health about food cravings when you’re on your period, and I was instantly intrigued. It’s a familiar feeling when you have your period and all that goes with it – the pain of menstrual cramps, feeling moody and possibly tired, thinking how unfair it all is! It’s all too easy to use it as a legitimate excuse to comfort eat because we tell ourselves that we deserve it, need it even, as a pick me up to make it through. The same goes for when you’re hungover, had a sleepless night or are feeling a bit under the weather!

But the truth is we don’t need it. Yes it’s a great excuse, but sadly there’s no sudden biological change so that at certain times of the month women need to eat a whole 120g Cadbury’s chocolate bar. So why…

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