Jane Wenham-Jones presents…

Courtesy of Daphne Lorraine, let us know your exercise routine… if you have one!

Inside Out Fitness


Make sure your new exercise or fitness routine is fun! It is much easier to stick to a new habit until it becomes a permanent lifestyle if you actually look forward to and enjoy doing it!

Think of one fun activity that you would like to do more often. This is your chance to do all of the fun things you have wanted to give yourself permission to do!

There are no limits- include any type of exercise that comes to mind- dancing, group or one-on-one classes, weight lifting, running on the beach, hiking in the mountains, pregnant yoga, and martial arts are just some examples. Do you enjoy exercising alone or exercising with others?

Decide on one new, FUN activity that you will do at least once a week from now on! You deserve to do what you enjoy and become more healthy while you do it.

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