Jane Wenham-Jones presents…

The Weight Race

Today I woke and realized I needed some help in getting out of a slump.  Though I have lost 40 pounds, I have lately found myself throwing in the towel so to speak on staying true to my food choices and working out.   So off to google I went to find some inspiration.   I found this amazing article up on ZenHabits by Leo Babauta with great tips to help you get back up and say, “Yes I Can!”

It’s true, “even the most motivated of us — you, me, Tony Robbins — can feel unmotivated at times. In fact, sometimes we get into such a slump that even thinking about making positive changes seems too difficult.

But it’s not hopeless: with some small steps, baby ones in fact, you can get started down the road to positive change.

Yes, I know, it seems impossible at times. You don’t…

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