Jane Wenham-Jones presents…

Now it’s November you’re probably writing a novel or growing a moustache but remember, dark chocolate is good for flab-fighting all year round… 🙂

Jane Wenham-Jones

Somewhat after the event, but every day is chocolate day where I come from …. 🙂

Plain Jane 171014

Plain Jane – It’s National Home Security month, Dyspraxia month…….but never mind that – it’s chocolate week

THERE is nothing like a spot of consciousness-raising. And there’s never been more of it. October alone sees the declaration of a specially-dedicated awareness month for National Home Security, Breast Cancer and Dyspraxia.

It is also a time for National Hate Crime Awareness Week, World No Beard Day, Family Friendly Week, National Spinal Surgery Awareness Day, World Food Day, National Arthritis Week and National Real Vanilla Day.

“We are on a precipice where we could lose pure vanilla within a generation,” says sustainability expert, Patricia Rain. Who knew?

You might be forgiven for thinking that by November, we’ll be on awareness overload, only fit for a good lie-down (lucky then, that it brings National Spa Week so…

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