Jane Wenham-Jones presents…

Comments on: "We have a winner!!!!" (7)

  1. Well done to Clare and commiserations to the others. Thanks to Jane and judges for the opportunity. It’s been terrific fun reading all these and I for one am now half a stone lighter (ahem). Bon voyage!

  2. Clare is a worthy winner, and I am utterly delighted to have got this far! Thank you so much for awarding ‘Runner Up’ prizes too, and I just hope my tip helps someone, somewhere to have a somewhat smaller bottom and five cases of ‘stalking with intent’ taken into consideration. x

  3. A worthy winner indeed. Clare must make dinner parties fun too 😀 I look forward to cashing in my runner up prize as soon as Jane and I are able.

  4. What a fun contest, and what jolly good sports everyone is. I am hugely looking forward to taking up my prize, and plan to get very fat on bread, cheese and red wine.

  5. […] 100 Ways To Fight The Flab […]

  6. Apologies I’ve taken so long to comment, a lot going on at the moment. Congratulations and well done Clare I loved your poem and I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time on the course. Well done to everyone else too, there were some great entries and I was over the moon and flattered to reach the final few. x

  7. Thanks everyone and I’ll be in touch with you all about being included in the flab book.
    Congrats again till then xx

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